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Favorite time each year, when the beautiful Magnolia trees are in Bloom!!

Close your eyes and just enjoy the sweet smell of spring! 


This scent is also my Mothers favorite scent. I made a small batch for my Mother, and Sweet Magnolia turned out to become one of our top floral soap sellers! Thank you Mom you sure have great taste!! 


Sweet Magnolia is best discribed as " sweet". A perfect little gift for that sweet Mother, Daughter or special someone in your life.


Fragrance Sprays are our take on a natural way to smell faboulus! They are wonderful and versatile. Wear them as a natural perfume on your body, they also work wonderful on the wool dryer balls to make your laundry smell like whatever you like. A little spritz on your pillow or sheets before bed time to help you relax, or as a room spray. Must have!!!

distilled water, alcohol, witch hazel, fragrance.

This listing is for one 2 oz bottle of fragrance spray.


Each spray comes in a 2oz glass spray bottle. 
(please spot test your fabric first. Some darker oils may stain white clothes). Always vegan, never tested on animals!

Sweet Magnolia

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