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You asked! We listend! Many request's have been voiced to us to make a Simlpy Soap. No Scent! No Coloring! Skin Friendly and Vegan! 

Well, Here is Simply Soap! Our most sensitive soap! 


All of your bars give wonderful lather. Specially if used along with a loofah or sponge. In fact try shaving with the lather. 100% VEGAN!



TT’s Simple Soap (unscented, uncolored) is a great stain remover bar


Raising three boys, I have encountered all types of stains in the laundry room. I always have a bar of simple soap sitting by my laundry room sink. I apply it to stains before washing. It works excellent on removing stains from clothes.


For blood stains: 


Using COLD water, rinse from the inside out. Apply TT’s simple soap on the stain first. You can rub the soaps directly on to the fabric. Then apply TT’s simply soap on the other side of the stain. Rinse well. 


Grease stains:


Using WARM (not hot) water. Wet the fabric, rub TT’s Simple soap on stain. Work it in with your fingers a bit. Rinse and run through the washer. 


Simply Soap

  • ingredients:

    virgin olive oil(olea europaea),

    distilled water,

    sustainable palm oil(elaeis guineensis),

    virgin coconut oil(cocos nucifera),

    sodium hydroxide,

    TTLC (TT's Love and Care).


    Each bar of soap is handcut. Weights and seizes vary. Weigts are between 3-4 oz NET WT.Most bars weigh in at 3.5 oz NET WT

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