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Patchouli Essential Oil 

pure, undiluted, therapeutic grade


Patchouli oil has a characteristic scent that might be described as woody, sweet, and spicy. Because of this, it’s often used as a scent additive in products like perfumes, cosmetics, and incense.


Patchouli oil has a variety of additional uses throughout the world. Some of these include:


* treating skin conditions such as dermatitis, acne, or dry, cracked skin

* easing symptoms of conditions like headaches, and relieving depression

* providing feelings of relaxation and helping to ease stress or anxiety

* helping with oily hair or dandruff

* using as an insecticide, antifungal, or antibacterial agent

* diffuse into air

* add a few drops to water, use as body spay or mist 



Our essential oils are therapeutic grade, pure and undiluted. We are using these trusted oils in our shop to create all of our natural products.


Ingredients: pure undiluted therapeutic grade essential oil of patchouli. Botanical name: Pogostemom cablin

Extraction method: Steam distilled from the dried leaves


.5 oz / 15 ml dropper glass bottle



DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. My products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. These statements are not meant to replace the advice of a healthcare professional nor your own research.


Not intended for use on small children. If you are pregnant, nursing or under the care of a physician for a chronic condition, please consult your physician before trying any essential oil products. For external use only. Individual results may vary.

Patchouli Essential Oil

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