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Why Switch to an all natural Deodorant?

There are many reasons for switching to an all natural Deodorant. For one store bought commen Deodorants are full of harmful chemicals including aluminium.


If you are intersted and want to learn more about switching here is a nice artical about making the switch:


The most important part of switching (this goes for all natural products) give your body time to adjust. It can take between a week to two weeks for the natural deodorant to proper work. If you can stick it out and "stick to your guns" you never want to go back to a toxic "cancer stick" deodorant. Choose from many scents below.


Apply to clean and dry underarms. Do not apply to broken skin. Baking soda can cause, in some cases, irritation to sensitive skin types.
Thank you for giving my natural deodorant a try! You are on the right track giving up toxic modern day "cancer stick" deodorants. The search for just the right natural deodorant can be frustrating. As much as I would love my deodorant to work for everyone, it does not work for every one. Give your body at least 7 days to adjust to the deodorant. Apply to dry and clean underarms. For folks with sensitive skin, baking soda can cause a rash.

Natural Deodorant