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Calming lavender and rich cedar wood essential oils work to sooth and relax a restless spirit. This fresh and aromatic woody blend features whispers of sweet violet, sparkling bergamot and smooth amber that will help you calm down and get a more peaceful night's sleep. 

Lavender Cedar

  • ingredients:

    virgin olive oil(olea europaea),

    distilled water,

    sustainable palm oil(elaeis guineensis),

    virgin coconut oil(cocos nucifera),

    sodium hydroxide,

    fragrance (organic essentail oils of lavender & cedar) 

    natural pigment powder,

    TTLC (TT's Love and Care).


    Each bar of soap is handcut. Weights and seizes vary. Weights are between 3-4 oz NET WT.Most bars weigh in at 3.5 oz NET WT

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