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Sticks are believed to have originated in ancient China.

They are a favorite pass time in our Family. It is very easy to learn how to play them. Takes no longer than about 45 minutes. It's very much like a baton with two drum sticks.

Our children started playing sticks between the ages of 7-9 years old. Once you get the hang of it, endless hours of fun will come.

They are also a nice way to get the kids to go play outside. Get's them off of their phones and video games.

We are selling sticks in our shop because we love them! Our sticks are hand made by us with lots of L❤️ve! Each pair is one of a kind!


Each set is unique, one of a kind, set includes 28 inch (tassel to tassel) well balanced Center stick and two 18 inch drum sticks.



There are lots of tutorial videos on how to get started on youtube and even an article about them on wikipedia


Juggle on Friends! Good Vibes your way!! ✌️


🌟Custom orders welcome! 🌟 Don't see the colors you like? Looking for a custom set of sticks?

No problem! Just message me!

Fuego Juggling Sticks

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