Relaxing Lavender Rice Bag 


Take a break from all of the chaos and relax with this Lavender Heating Pad/ Cold Pad.  Made with rice, organic  lavender buds. This heating pad is hand sewn and filled by hand with love and care. You can either warm it up in the microwave or pop it in the freezer for 15 minutes to get a soothing, cold pad! The Lavender Heating Pad is perfect for sore muscles, headaches, cramps, relaxation, sleep, and much more! They made perfect gifts, too!

🧡 Tip: store the heating pad in a bag to keep it's long lasting scent!

Microwave 30 seconds - 1 minute at a time until warm or pop in freezer for a cold pack!

Disclosure: please follow the provided instructions in order to keep the heating pad at the correct temperature. Do not leave heating pad unattended in microwave for long periods of time. Please use the heating pad responsibly.

Relaxing Lavender Rice Bag

  • Cotton fabric filled with rice (4/5)  and organic lavender flowers (1/5)

    lavender bag mesures  8" x 3"