10 Best Uses For Rose Petals:

Once you begin experimenting with rose petals, you’ll find you can put them to an almost unlimited number of uses.


1. Natural Skin Cleanser

Rose petals are flush with antioxidants that can refresh your skin by fighting off free radical damage and oil overproduction.

You can make a homemade skin cleanser by mixing one teaspoon of powdered rose petals with enough water to make a paste and adding a touch of raw honey to boost the antibiotic benefits further. To use, gently massage the cleanser into your face and let it sit for fifteen minutes before washing it off.


2. Rose Infused Oil

Rose-infused oil is a stellar ingredient for homemade soaps, lotions, and other wellness products. Whipping up a batch is easy, and the infused oil will last for up to a year.

You can make your own by filling a canning jar halfway with dried rose petals and thoroughly covering them with a carrier oil (olive or sweet almond oil work well). Make sure that the petals are covered by at least two inches of the oil, and then cap the mixture and let it set in a dark cabinet for four to six weeks, remembering to give it a quick shake every few days. Once the oil is infused to your preference, strain out the petals and use the oil as desired.

Ready to take your homemade cleaning products to a new level? You can adjust this recipe by substituting vinegar for the oil to create a potent vinegar with a soothing floral scent.


3. Homemade Potpourri

Put your pretty rose petals to a second use after they fade by allowing them to fill your home with fragrance. You can make your own potpourri by blending dried rose petals with complementary scents like cinnamon sticks, dried ginger, or whole vanilla beans, and put the mixture anywhere you want to freshen up.

Sock drawers, linen closets, and the bathroom are all ideal options, and you can let the scents soothe you to sleep by slipping a small sachet into your pillowcase.


4. Rose Water

This classic cosmetic treatment can perk up your skin and soothe your mind with its subtle scents. All it takes to make rose water is a supply of fresh rose petals and filtered spring water, and you’ll have a fragrant ingredient for homemade beauty products.


5. Bath Salts

Rose petals are already a symbol of luxury, so it only makes sense to put them to use in the ultimate indulgence: a hot bath. Few things smell as sweet as bathwater scented with rose petals, and you can make your own rejuvenating rose petal bath salts in only a few minutes.

Just mix together one cup of Epsom salt, a handful of dried and crushed rose petals, and ¼ cup sea salt. To enhance the scent, you can also add a few drops of rose essential oil. Stir everything together and store in a cute jar.


6. Homemade Tea

Rose tea is a classic ingredient in Ayurvedic medicine, and it is a traditional way to relieve menstrual cramps and diarrhea.

You can brew some slow-seep tea by filling a mason jar with dried rose petals and pouring boiling water over the top. Next, securely attach the lid and allow the tea to set for at least four hours before straining out the petals. This tea is delicious hot or cold, and you can even brew it with green tea to enhance the flavor.


7. Natural Wound Recovery

Despite its thorns, the humble rose is an impressively robust antiviral, antibacterial, and antiseptic agent. If you find yourself with a small cut while working in the garden, applying a few fresh petals directly to the wound can improve your recovery time.


8. Soothe A Sore Throat

If you feel a cold coming on and want to give your throat the best chance of recovering quickly, consider following this simple rose-petal honey recipe.

Pack fresh, herbicide-free rose petals into a jar and pour in honey almost to the top of the petals. Stir the mixture with a non-metallic object (bamboo skewers work well) until the petals are coated. Let the mix set in your cupboard for at least six weeks, and carefully strain out the petals as best you can.

For sore throat relief, mix a spoonful of your honey into hot tea. The thick honey will coat your throat for instant pain relief, and the antiviral properties of the petals may prevent it from progressing further.


9. Zest Up Your Food

Looking for a calorie-free way to perk up your plate? Rose petals will do the trick. Try incorporating them into your cupcake frosting or use them to liven up a dull salad. Even fruit and cheese platters gain an elegance when rose petals are used to decorate the edges. So long as the petals are free from pesticides, they will even boost the nutrient levels of the dish.


10. Natural Sunscreen & Sunburn Soother

While rose petals can’t offer you much in SPF protection, these pretty blooms are a rich source of vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant renowned for improving sun protection for your skin.

Applying rose water or rose essential oil-infused products to your face can bolster your skin’s defenses and keep you slightly safer from sun-induced free radical damage. But don’t skip that hat! Sunburns are too dangerous to leave yourself unprotected.

Already got burned? A bit of rosewater sprayed on your skin can help it find relief.

There’s so much the creative person can do with a plentiful supply of rose petals. Keep your pantry stocked with this versatile flower, and you’ll be amazed at the ways that rose petals begin to enter your life.

Red Rose petals and buds

  • 1 oz red rose petals and buds organic dried