Want a natural look that's hassle free? Lip and Cheek Stain, another type of blush, gives you that summery rosy glow that can appear very au naturel. Do you want that pop of cheek colour but shy away from applying it yourself? Here are some tips on how to properly apply cheek tint so you wont end up with a clown face.


Wash your face

You want to start off with a clean face, so that your make-up application looks fresh.


Use a facial moisturizer

This is an important step if you want creamy smooth skin that isn't dry. Using a moisturizer beforehand can also make the application smoother.


You can use your finger or a brush

Whatever you prefer. Apply a dab to your fingertip for a natural look or apply a small strip for a more dramatic look.



Find the apples of your cheeks by flashing a giant smile. The round part of your cheek (them apples!) is where you apply the tint. You can now use a brush or sponge to spread the tint up from your cheeks back to your hairline.


The benefit to a cheek tint is that it lasts longer than powdered blush. Liquid cheek tints can also be easier to spread. Remember to use the right tint for your complexion. Darker complexions call for richer, deeper coloured tints while pale skin looks best with lighter pinks.



Lip & Cheek Stain

  • Ingredients:

    Beet's ME

    castor oil, shea butter, organic beet root powder.

    * ** Beet's Me will give you a real natural look, a think layer is all you need. Beet's Me can appear a bit "gritty" feeling when first applied. It's ok, it's just a bit of beet powder which we  using as a natural colorant.***

    Cocoa Kisses

    castor oil, shea butter, organic cocoa powder.

    Ramble on Rose

    castor oil, shea butter, rose shimmer mica.

    Rockin' Retro Red

    castor oil, shea butter, red mica.

    Lucky Penny 

    castor oil, shea butter, copper shimmer mica.