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Lavender Cedar

This scent is bold! Cedarwood with crushed pine tips and lavender buds. ! Interessting! Intriguing A will love forever scent!

You will love this Soap!!! Don't forget to get the Body Spray to match your soap.


Here at TT's we take allergies serious! And always have an open mind and ear for our customers that suffer from allergies. We love helping and creating natural products that are allergie free.


We have gotten many requests to formulate a soap that is entierly free of COCONUT, ALMOND and PALM OIL. So, we got to work.

The first step was to purchase an entire 2nd set of soaping equipment to ensure that nothing has ever been touched or in contact with nuts.

After that, step two was months of formulating, testing and calculating. It took several formulas of soap batches until we found just the one. 

Finally, we have managed to formulate a bar of soap that is nut free, without sacrificing.

This bar is hydrating and nurishing to the skin and still lathers well.


Lavender Cedar Nut Free

  • ingredients:

    organic virgin olive oil (olea europaea),

    organic virgin babassu oil (attalea speciosa),

    distilled water,

    Shea butter (vitellaria paradoxa),

    Rice bran oil (rice husk),

    Avocado oil (persea americana),

    castor oil (ricinus communis),

    sodium hydroxide,

    organic essential oils of lavender and cedar,

    natural pigment powder.

    TTLC (TT's love and care).

    Each bar of soap is handcut. Weights and seizes vary. Weights are between 3-4 oz NET WT.Most bars weigh in at 3.5 oz NET WT